How to Taxidermy a Grouse

When starting to taxidermy a grouse, you should pay attention at its aspect and feathers. Make sure you remember where everything is, so that the result is a success.

It is very important to do things peacefully, but efficiently, and also to follow the steps. You should begin by wrapping cotton batting in order to support the feet of the bird. Moss should be placed over the cotton to form a green mat for the bird to stand on.

Mounting a bird basically consists of turning the head inside out and pushing in clay. The bird's body cavity should be filled with a manikin, an anatomical model, which is meant to replace the body's skeleton. You should stretch the skin of the grouse over the manikin and sew a neat steam up to the middle of its breast. Pushing the wire through the legs, wings and tail to stabilize the bird is the following step.

Make sure everything is in place, position all the feathers and then paint the birds' beak, eyes and feet. With a Popsicle stick and a pair of tweezers, you can place the twigs at the feet of the grouse. Use glue so that the filling stays connected to the feather for a long time. After you finish, confirm that everything is in place. The grouse should look as if it were ready to jump out of the bush.

Grouse Taxidermy Videos