Bow Hunting Grouses

Grouse hunting may require a higher level of focusing and training than other games, but the difficulty doesn't cancel the fact that it should be enjoyable. Using bows to hunt is an activity that will put you in a different state of mind and that will definitely make you feel part of the nature. However, grouse hunting is trickier than other types of bird hunting; therefore chasing grouses with bows necessitates a lot of effort and a really trained eye.

The most recommended type of bow for grouse hunting is the compound bow. These birds are quite small and they can fly very quickly when they sense the danger. The arrows needed should be either "flu-flu", or they should have a judo tip. Precision and steady hands are very important. Some of the most popular archery brands are Bear, Hoyt and PSE, therefore you could purchase one from their shops. The authorized personnel will be able to tell you what bow is most suitable for you.

Also, going to the nearest archery shop is a good option. There, you can shoot the bow, see how it feels and decide which one seems more comfortable. You can also ask for more information about their features, about pros and cons, as well.

The next step is practice. For beginners, shooting a bow can prove to be quite difficult. In order to efficiently draw a bow, the proper muscles must be trained, as well as different positions must be tried out. After practicing, shooting a still target will not be a problem anymore. Still, out there in the woods or in the field, things change. There are weather conditions and other external factors which may interfere with your plan.

Whenever you shoot your bow, make sure you have enough room to draw your bow back. Bows and guns are not the same, therefore both should be treated with the same precaution. Although grouses will stand quite still, you may also encounter them in coveys. Just in case, be prepared to shoot from 20 to 40 yards.

Dogs can be of great help when going bow hunting for grouse. If properly taught, they can flush these birds and retrieve them after they have been shot. To learn more about how to train your dog or what breed of dog to choose, check out our sections on the topic.

Grouse Bow Hunting Videos