How To Train Your Dog

Grouse hunting with dogs is highly recommended, as grouses are small and agile birds, which can reach high speeds in a short time. That is why hunting by yourself is quite difficult, even if you're capacities are well-trained and you are giving everything out there. Hunting with dogs is very efficient and rewarding, both for the hunter and for the dogs. If you wish to know the basics about how to train your dog for grouse hunting, here are the main steps you should follow.

One of the most important things in the training process is to teach him how to be obedient. Achieving this will help you gain control over the dog, ensuring that everything will go smoothly during the hunt. The dog should be taught to listen to you no matter what, to refrain his instincts and to do what he is told.

Only after he masters the basics commands, should you start focusing on training your dog for grouse hunting. You should keep in mind various things when you start the training. Ruffed grouses are on the move most of day, regardless of the weather conditions, therefore the dog must become tough and ambitious, as well as fit and perseverant.

There are various methods both for hunting and training, but it is crucial to make sure that your dog is fit and capable of chasing and retrieving the grouse you shoot. In order to make him get used to running all day long, you should do more than taking him for a walk. Taking him on a hunting day will not only get him used to the effort, but also with the scents, sounds and the birds.

Also, when it comes to grouse hunting, it's very important to teach the dog the strategy you use. As covets and blinds might confuse him, you have to make sure he doesn't let anything interfere in his role as your hunting partner.

Another step would be to train your dog constantly and avoid expecting him to do the impossible, which is, learning all the commands in a very short time. It can take up to several years to make your dog become a great grouse hunting dog. In addition, avoid training him every once in a while. This method will only get him confused and inefficient. Nevertheless, if all this seems too difficult for you to do on your own, you can always appeal to the services of a professional trainer.

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