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It is true that grouse hunting has another level of difficulty than other games, and that hunters are required to have a better control of themselves and have their dogs trained for several years before they can get to another level. However, no matter how hard things may become, it's very important for a beginner or an advanced hunter to admit that he or she might have not tried it all.

Therefore, going grouse hunting with dogs is more than recommended. Hunting dogs are great partners if they are properly trained, and they will become a key element in having a successful hunt. While for some hunters choosing a puppy can be a wonderful thing, for others it can be a difficult chore.

You may have hunted with a friend who had hunting dogs or you may have heard about other hunters' stories. But imagine the feeling of possessing your own canine friend, watching and expecting the grouses at the same time with you or hearing him catching the grouse! Still, training a grouse hunting dog can be quite a difficult thing to do, as it requires a lot of patience and devotion. Should you think you are unfit to do it, there is always the option of having your dog trained by professionals.

After having chosen the appropriate breed for grouse hunting and having decided to train him by yourself, the following step is the inquiry of the right hunting instincts. Regardless of the breed, the obedience commands should be taught to any hunting dog. These are stay, sit, come and others, which differ depending on the animal or bird you are hunting. Dealing with obedience is one of the things the dog should be taught. Concerning grouse hunting, the basic manners are going in and out of a portable kennel, learning to sit or lay down while in a vehicle, learning the "Whoa!" command and learning to work close and to pattern.

If you ask yourself what is the best grouse hunting dog, there is a high likelihood that you will not be able to give yourself an answer. Undoubtedly, the most popular breed is the Pointer and Setter. While the English Springer Spaniel is a well-proportioned dog, perfect for flushing or retrieving, Pointers are most popular for being good grouse hunting dogs..

Most people seem to overlook keeping their dogs in great physical shape. Hunting a whole day requires increased endurance and strength. Therefore, walking your dog one or two hours per day is not enough to make him a good hunting companion. A more effective method should be taking him hunting with you a couple of times. Make sure you do it constantly.

Going grouse hunting with dogs can be challenging, but it is very rewarding, as well. Although it has its benefits, it's not for everyone. If you are willing to take up grouse hunting, think about training your own puppy and you may never go back

Top 3 Grouse Hunting Dogs

With a thin coat that allows them to stay cold in the heat, these English Pointers can chase quails endlessly. Their rhythm of work is fast and hard; they are very restrained in the sense that they can hold on as much as possible in order to seize the perfect moment to catch the quail. Although they are energetic dogs, mainly suitable for hunting, they can be also trained to be family dogs.

English Springer Spaniel
This medium sized dog is a flusher and usually runs in front of the hunter to flush upland game. Their coat is short and coarse. They can easily get used to living with a family, being a breed which is quick to learn and willing to obey. The English Springer Spaniels are very energetic and have a very good sense of smell - Read more info.

English Setter
Although the English Setter is known to be an affectionate and gentle dog, that does not mean it is less of a hunter. Although it has a mix of endurance and athleticism, the problems may around its coat. The main body coat is short to medium length, but it requires a lot of attention during heavy cover hunting. Having a great personality and ability to be trained, the Setter is a good dog for quail hunting. - Read more info

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