How to Clean a Grouse

You have spent a day or two hunting for grouses in harsh weather conditions, focusing on enjoying the day with your four legged partner. At the end of the day, all you think about is tucking into your catch. However, before that you have to prepare and bring the bird to the table.

It is not hard to learn how to clean a grouse. The basic equipment you need to have is a pair of scissors, a bowl, and a pair of gloves.

The first thing you have to do is spread the wings of grouse and put your feet on the upper part of the wings, close to the grouse's body. While keeping them firmly on the bird's wings, grasp the feet of the bird, pulling them steadily up. The bird will pull apart nicely and the entrails will come out without touching the meat.

Now pick the breast portion and remove the loosened skin and feathers to the wing. Then, pull of the skin until you can see large feathers along the forearm part of the bird. You have to cut these feathers with a knife; shears will be useful at joints.

Moving on, you have to grab the lower portion of the bird, without touching the entrails. Pull of the skin to the knee joint, cutting the feet and skin in one piece. Now, you have to cut the skin carefully around the back part of the bird. Make sure you don't cut the scent gland, the anus or the intestines. You can save the tail if you cut it where it joins the rest of the carcass.

In order to save the gizzard, carefully separate it from the rest of the entrails without breaking anything. You can also cut the liver, also making sure that it isn't exposed to anything. Cut around the gizzard where it joins the rest of the intestine until you see the stomach lining, which is inedible.

Once you remove the heart from the entrails and the breast from the bone, cut the bone in half and remove the wings. The same thing is applied to the leg portion and neck/ribs portion.

Cleaning A Grouse Video