Top 10 Facts About Grouses

The ideal way in which you can become a successful hunter is to find out as much information as you can about these interesting birds. Below you can find 10 facts about grouses, which cover a wide range of aspects. They can lead you to a greater understanding of the grouses, of their habitat and behavior.

1. Grouses are the state bird of Pennsylvania. Their plumage is very versatile, allowing the birds to easily adapt to any type of weather conditions. This ability makes them harder to be spotted, as well.
2. The most hunted species of grouses is the Ruffed grouse because of the quality of the breast meat. Their muscles are not supposed to be supplied with blood. Therefore the breast will be as white as the turkeys'.

3. The Ruffed grouse is also integrated in the well-known carol, The 12 Days of Christmas. You may have not heard about it until now, but it used to be a popular bird.

4. Young grouse are known for their "crazy flights" in the fall, when they fly head first into stationary cars, homes, and office windows, unfortunately.

5. People usually call the Ruffed grouses carpenter bird, because the sound they make when flying resembles beating a log.

6. Males and females can be distinguished by checking the tail band, which is found to be broken in females.

7. During winter, ruffed grouse develop a web-like structure that joins their toes, in order to easily walk on snow.

8. Grouses are solitary birds, except from the mating season and they spend their entire life in the same area. They do not migrate.

9. Young grouses get away from the family during early fall and they find their own territory.

10. Native Americans used to celebrate the Sage Grouses, which are now on the point of becoming extinct